The Story

Direct Mobile Accessories started with a journey to secure and use the best screen protector on the market. It was through that journey we discovered and first used Mobile Outfitters products, and were absolutely sold on the value and quality of these screen protectors and phone bumpers. Upon learning the online portion of Mobile Outfitters was evolving, we partnered with Mobile Outfitters to continue selling these phenomenal products and to offer the same opportunities for our customers (YOU) to experience and enjoy the products we love. We are the ONLY authorized online reseller in the U.S. and Canada of Clear-Coat, Style Skins, Fusion and other Mobile Outfitters products. All backed by the same Lifetime Guarantee you’ve come to rely on.

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Christopher Peters

Christopher is both a tinkerer and an entrepreneur. From seeing an opportunity to executing on one, he’s always got an idea to pursue and a goal to achieve.

Jonathan Peters

Jonathan is the quieter of this dynamic duo but actively working behind the scenes to ensure operations are running smoothly and on target. In life and business, he tries to view obstacles from multiple perspectives and likes to solve them with a hands-on approach. In his free time, he enjoys league bowling, playing video games, and building/painting tabletop miniatures.